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More than 300,000 samples

Cryo-Save Private Cord Bank, with more than 300,000 samples preserved, is the leading family stem cell bank in Europe.

We are accredited as a Licensed Organ & Tissue Establishment for the collection, analysis, processing, cryopreservation, storage and release of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue.

Established in 2000...

Established in 2000, CryoSave has cryo-preserved samples from over 70 countries on six continents, with ultra-modern processing and storage facilities in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Dubai, India and South Africa.

Your sample is held securely until such a time as you may need it. With full parental request and consent, many samples have already been released from our facilities for treatments.

Choosing Cryo-Save means:

  • Quality: We guarantee the highest quality standards in terms of transport, processing and security of your baby’s stored stem cells when banking cord blood. Several Cryo-Save samples have been successfully used in stem cell transplantations, another reason to bank stem cells.
  • Professional expertise: With more than 15 years of cryopreservation activity, over 20 medical doctors and 40 lab technicians, we are the most experienced stem cell bank in Europe understanding the need to save cord blood.
  • Dual storage: We use a dual storage system, meaning that the stem cells are stored independently in two separate storage tanks for additional safety. This practice has the added benefit of increasing our therapeutic options, because we don’t have to release the whole sample for research or treatment. We therefore extend the usefulness of each sample we store.
  • Accreditations: We are officially accredited as a Licensed Organ & Tissue Establishment by the Dutch Ministry of Health’s Farmatec and Belgian regulatory authority – FAGG (Belgium lab), as well as ISO certified (Belgium and India labs), AABB (Dubai and India labs), and WHO GMP (Belgium and India labs).
  • Research:Cryo-Save supports high-level research and collaborates with leading universities, physicians and stem cell scientists.

We care about families and children

Cryo-Save is constantly striving to improve its services and to offer the best possible guidance to its customers, the medical community and the public in general. Thanks to our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we encourage all our employees to take actions that have a positive impact on their local community. In addition, Cryo-Save launched the Board of Parents in 2012. This programme gives parents the opportunity to visit the Cryo-Save labs and learn more about our family stem cell bank. This is a unique initiative to create interactions between the company and its customers and a way to reinforce the transparency of the organization, giving a direct insight into its professional work and long-term objectives.

For many years, Cryo-Save has successfully run its Cost Free Family Donation Program to families wishing to store their newborn’s umbilical cord blood stem cells for a family member diagnosed with a life-threatening disease treatable by stem cells.